Digitisation has already enriched the teaching material and new teaching methods are being used. While developments in learning analytics and digital learning methods will not be able to restore the master-trainee relationship, they do facilitate personalised education, which takes greater account of the individual student

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Beats DIY video

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The elements you'll need in a lecture video clip

After preparing the video in Beats, go to the DIY Video Recording Booth. Imagine having a fully-equipped recording booth at your fingertips. Beats DIY cloud application turns the production of videos into a simple proces, prepare, record in the DIY booth and simply hit record and let your expertise shine.

Elevate Your Brand: Stand out in the academic world with high-quality, visually appealing videos. Whether you're teaching advanced calculus or world history, your lectures will be memorable and shareable.

Cloud-Powered Convenience: Access your videos from anywhere, anytime. Our cloud-based platform ensures that your content is secure and accessible from everywhere.

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Experience the thrill of creating captivating lecture clips like never before. Join the ranks of pioneering educators who are transforming education, one video at a time. Elevate your lectures with the Beats DIY cloud application today!



Beats cooperates with WebClip2Go. They can do the hardware installation for you as a turn-key project. They install camera’s, autocue, lights, microphones, all connected to a automation system. The teacher will enter the booth after preparing for the video in Beats, hit’s the button and starts presenting after a countdown. That’s it!